You think napping is more fun than cleaning?

So do we.

If cleaning isn't in your nature then let nature clean

That's why we worked hard to develop cleaning products that make cleaning easier. And they'll keep on cleaning, even while you're sipping on your aperitif.

After 3 years of testing, failing, starting up again, innovating and finally making the best parts even better, Joris, our founder and bioengineer, succeeded. With a little help from nature: probiotics.

How we're innovating 

Let 1 billion cleaning helpers do the work

Probiotics are super friendly bacteria for you, your pet, and the environment. Your house, your dishes, and the laundry. But super ruthless for grease, dust and unpleasant smells caused by bad bacteria.

In 1 tablet, you’ll find 1 billion cleaning helpers that, when they come into contact with water, get just as excited as you do when you can finally toss the cleaning cloth into the laundry basket.

Multi-Purpose Cleaner Starter Kit - YOKUU

A pro clean for pro hobbies

Bring it on: dirty floors, plates, kitchens, toilets and clothes. Because our probiotics delve deep into your microfibers, nooks and crannies. Not only the moment you’re cleaning, but they’ll continue working for at least 7 days.

Good thing they don’t charge extra for that. Just
more time for The Good Life.

Bathroom Cleaner Starter Kit - YOKUU

Cleaning without a dirty planet

We avoid harmful ingredients so we can keep our planet clean, too. Plus we use eco-friendly packaging. That doesn’t just mean less packaging, but also less hassle.

Because tbh, cleaning isn’t fun. Make it as easy as possible. Kick your feet up, your floors are getting a proper scrub.

Hard-working cleaning products for lazy cleaners.

Who are we?

These are the hardworking people making you a lazy cleaner.

  • Joris

    mastermind & owner

  • Janthe


  • Wim


  • Thomas


Cleaning, reinvented



As a team, we work every day to make a positive impact. Yes, just like our cleaning helpers - 7 days, each.

By focusing on sustainability and responsible purchasing, we're making our contribution to a better future for generations to come. But our commitment to humanity goes beyond the environment.

We are committed to the health, safety and well-being of our team members and strive for an inclusive workplace. This is how we encourage innovation.